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Sontronics STC -2 Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condensor microphone | Full Review

I’ll bet you’ve never heard of this microphone or heard of Sontronics or maybe you have. The reason I say that is because you won’t find a single dedicated review on this microphone on youtube and I really don’t know why. This is a mic that I have coveted for some time and I have finally bought it, so I hope you enjoy the first review of the Sontronics STC -2 Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condensor microphone on YouTube.

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NEIL : Thanks for the review! Well done!
How is it compare to the Rode NT-1 ?
Donald Swan : Well, after hearing this review I went out to buy one - luckily our local store is a stockist. I came home with a used STC-3x for the price of a new STC-2. I have to say, even though this is quite a budget microphone, it is in a different league to my other, similarly priced mics. More transparent, lower noise, MUCH better top end (presence without sibilance) and I am certainly a Sontronics convert. Thank you for making this video.
Donald Swan : It does sound a lot less sibilant, with more rounded top end than most cheap mics `Ive heard. Just to my ears
Colonel Porridge : @4:50 am i right in saying that the stc-20 is the same mic except no low filter and pad.
MisterAleksandr : Gotta say, I've spent the last week or so watching countless videos for XLR mics as I'm looking to upgrade from using my Blue Snowball ICE with Voicemeeter to an audio interface with a good quality XLR mic. I stumbled upon the STC-2 while browsing on dv247 and I was surprised to see this was the only spoken word review. After listening to so many microphones with barely any noticeable differences, I was starting to lose hope that I would find a mic that would complement the lower bass range of my voice, but I think you've solved that for me nicely without having to do much tweaking with EQs or any post-production stuff.
Thanks for your review!
J.R. Shirakbari : Is that what you are using for the video voiceover?
Noah Fröder : thanks for this video! it was really helpful and nicely made, i really liked it.
łukasz kurzydło percussion : Thank you very much! Helpful work!
ᛞᛖᚾᚾᛁᛋ ᛏᚱᛟᚹᚨᛏᛟ : Sontronics are criminally overlooked. I got the STC-3X and it's dang sweet.
Deep Things : what pop filter are you using here?

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Product used in this video:
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STC2 G Tightening




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